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The Best Fitness App You Will EVER Use!

Paid Workout is an app unlike any other. It uses motivation techniques that are scientifically proven to spur action and help users stay consistent with their workout program. Users don’t have to subscribe to any specific type of program, rather, we put them in custom groups based on their fitness and activity goals. Users will then compete within their group on a weekly basis for a chance to earn rewards and get paid for working out.

Our app is specifically designed to be target-group focused and process-oriented for ongoing motivation. It’s the first of its kind to combine short-term goals and weekly payouts. It’s a truly unique approach to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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Download The Paid Workout App Today!



A 5-Step Process

Step 1-download

Download Paid Workout App

Step 2-signup

Sign up & join custom home group for $5

step3-get active

Get active this week.

Your challenge begins 5am Monday.

step 4- scores

Check out your rank and score.

Challenge ends the following Monday 5am.

Step 5 - get paid

Top 3 Active Scores get payout directly to your wallet.

We promise, you've never been this motivated to workout.
Download Paid Workout today and start achieving your fitness goals — and get paid!


An App Where Progress Is A Payday

Are you seeking motivation to get moving a bit more, especially, while living in the “new normal”? How about chasing a new PR? Do you want to lose weight or reduce that blood pressure?

No matter what your motivation, the Paid Workout app keeps fitness and staying active interesting and ups the anty with money — put money in your pocket!

A Fitness Motivation App For Everybody.

...Getting paid for staying active can be your new side hustle

The Paid Workout App rwants to unlock your potential, regardless of where you are in your health and wellness journey. Inclusivity is our jam — we just want to challenge people to be their very best, and with a potential pay day is an incentive, well then, it’s all the better!

Invest in yourself with the Paid Workout app and turn calories, steps, and PRs into green!

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Your People. Your Competition. Your Payout.

What’s the point of working out with a group of digital sidekicks? 

Studies show that exercising with a group can take your workouts up a notch! When you have a group, your commitment increases, you get a competitive edge and you find support - and accountability! 

The Paid Workout app creates a home group of people for you to trash talk and shoot the breeze with, all while competing for the payout each week!

The BEST part is, the Home Group is personalized for YOU. You compete with individuals with similar activity levels, capabilities and demographics leveling the playing field.

It’s motivation to hustle. They want the money just as bad. How hard are you willing to go?

Just Start. Get Active In A Way You Enjoy!

 ...Because Money Moves…

You do you while we cheer you on! Movement is movement whether you’re fit-ish or a fitness fanatic. All activities count, so alchemize walking the dog or dancing it out into capital.

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