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10 Tips to Help Keep Your Fitness New Year’s Resolutions in Post Pandemic Era

New Year’s Eve has come and gone. Enter NY resolution season! With limited gatherings, social distancing, quarantining, gym closures, grocery store line ups, and comfort food cooking, our attempts at self-improvement may be even harder than usual to keep. 

We figured we’d compile our top 10 tips and tricks for keeping those resolutions alive and for you to thrive!!! 

Planning and Prioritization

“Things that get scheduled are the things that get done” -Robin Sharma

One of the biggest positive new routines in my life during Covid is going back to an old school daily planner. It has made a massive impact on feeling accomplished. I began scheduling in my workouts both cardio and strength separately which made me accountable! 

This practice has been fundamental to my health and wellness achievements and my overall productivity. Putting a plan in place, writing it down either physically or digitally, and prioritizing your resolution will help drive accountability for the action and then the pride once achieved — what gets measured gets done!


Timing Is Everything

I’m a big believer in circadian rhythms. Find a time that works with your natural rhythms and daily schedule and commit to it. If you get a long lunch break, go for it. If you’re a night owl, get it in there and howl at the moon. I am a morning person through and through. I know that I’m most productive in the morning and this includes my workouts. I always get in my morning workout! Being a mama of two, sometimes that means waking up before the kiddos at the crack of dawn, but it’s my time and I’m grateful for it. 

Perfecting your Place

It’s so hard to get in the zone when it comes to fitness. I used to LOVE going to the gym. I loved seeing people working hard, the music, the pace, the sound of the weights crashing on the floor, the machines humming, the classes rolling. It pushed me to work as hard as I could. 

With Covid and gym closures, I struggled. But then, I figured, if I can’t go to the gym, I’ll bring the gym to my home. I created a small space with a mat, some weights, and small equipment. I decorated the space with word art and quotes on the wall that keeps me motivated — I love having my own dedicated space. The kids know not to touch LOL. 

It has become my perfect personal workout place! Perfecting your area for activity, making it comfortable, motivating, and as fun as possible will help drive you to that space as a haven and help you keep your goals!!!

 Sharing is Caring

To help drive home that commitment, share with your friends, family, social networks, and app communities. Sharing is a way to truly care…for yourself and keep those resolutions going. A public declaration increases accountability and sharing progress can increase success! These positive reinforcements will drive you to fulfill your resolutions consistently.


Switch it Up

It’s great to do the activities you love but sometimes lifting, running or spinning or even walking all the time can get boring! Finding a new activity, even a new cardio routine, or some new resistance bands can do the trick to keep the activity fun! 

Adding in some strength for the cardio junkies out there or some heart-pumping activity for the weight lovers can drive some amazing results and some fresh feelings. Going out for a walk on a beautiful day can re-invigorate your commitments. Sometimes, even a new genre of music helps. There are so many fantastic and FREE resources out there including the FitOn app that can help you find an activity that’ll put some new pep in your step. 


Mini-Goals for Max Results

When setting goals, we often focus on outcome-oriented, long term lofty goals. However, we as humans crave immediate feedback. When we don’t lose enough weight or see that six pack or even don’t see cholesterol levels go down fast enough, we revert back to old habits and excuses. 

Setting process-oriented, short term, realistic goals are imperative to keep the energy towards achieving that resolution up! When making long term resolutions, draft some mini goals, that are outcome-oriented and realistic so you can feel great about the elements you achieve. Need help? There are fabulous goal setting tools including fitness motivation apps including Paid Workout

With Paid Workout, you compete in short term activity challenges (one week or less), focus on the process of staying active vs. the outcome, and you compete in customized groups where it’s realistic that you’ll win the challenge and get PAID! Best of all, any activity you love counts towards the challenge. 


Don’t Compare Apples to Oranges

We often compare ourselves to others. “I wish I was tall like her. She is so much thinner than me. I wish I had his muscle definition.” Any of those sound familiar? Often these comparisons can lead to negativity around yourself, lower self-esteem, and general dissatisfaction. While it’s hard not to compare yourself to others, it’s important to begin within yourself. 

If you see improvements in activity level, energy, or your overall mood, you are winning!!! If you MUST compare yourself to others, ensure that they are similar enough to you. Are those you’re comparing yourself to in the same age range, gender, activity level? If not, the comparison may be apples and oranges but drive you into some really negative territory. There are some fitness motivation tools and apps that place you in appropriate levels for weight loss or health, including Paid Workout, Myfitnesspal, and weight loss apps like WeightWatchers or noom. Developing plans for your specific goals and placing you in challenge groups customized just for you!


Gamify and Get Results and Rewards

Studies show that when we gamify our physical activity, we actually tend to work out more. When we establish achievable goals in the game, find a community of people to compete with, and get even a small reward we tend to enjoy it more because of the fun, competitive nature, and prizes associated with it. 

With apps like Paid Workout, investing in yourself as part of the game and competing to get to the top of the leaderboard has shown to continue to motivate users with a fun experience and the best reward possible, cold hard cash!


Movement Hacks (10 Minutes or Less)

We are all time-starved particularly with working from home, helping kids with zoom classes and keeping up with cooking, snacks and chores. Sometimes 10 minutes is all we have to move our bodies. I’ve learned to cherish these 10-minute hacks. Sometimes I have a 10-minute dance break to burn some calories while making the kids lunch. 

If I have a few in-between meetings I’ll do a quick 10 minute arms or abs workout on the One Peloton digital app or even look for some 10-minute Pinterest workouts to get the job done. Try to pop some of these hacks into your daily routine. These small increments of time add up quickly and soon enough you’ll notice a difference in stamina, muscle definition, and a perma-smile on your face too.


Nutrition is KEY! 

You’ve likely heard it a million times, but you cannot outrun or out exercise a bad diet. Getting the nutrition you need to keep active is critical. Small changes can truly make a difference. When I was on my weight loss journey, my first step was cutting out sugary drinks. I lost four pounds in one week! 

Swapping oil for cooking spray can cut calories fast when cooking. Has covid got you snacking all day? Even popping more protein for your daily snacks to keep you satiated can help you keep for noshing on treats. Some of my favorite healthy snacks are veggies and dip or apple slices and nut butters to keep you and your taste buds satisfied. Changing the way you eat completely can work for some but others may need some slow and steady methods to keep at it. Layer on some healthier changes every week and you’ll have created healthier eating habits in no time!!!

We hope some of these tips help you on the road to keeping your resolutions in 2021. We want to hear from you. Did any of these tips help? What were your favorites? Let us know!

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