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Unlock Your Health And Wellness Potential

At Paid Workout, our goal is simple: we want to encourage people to maintain a healthy lifestyle by offering incentives to work out.

People often begin their fitness journey without understanding why it’s important to them. People will set broad, long-term goals that are ultimately unrealistic because they lose motivation over time. However, when a tangible motivator — like money — is introduced, it is scientifically proven that motivation increases.


Founders of Paid Workout, Michael Bluestein and Nicole Pekerman, saw an opportunity to motivate people to jump-start their fitness journey by customizing short-term wins as an encouragement model. They determined that regardless of fitness level, frequency of exercise, or the reason for working out, people are much more likely to maintain a fitness program when money is involved.

The team at Paid Workout wants to see you succeed.

We’re here for support and encouragement along the way. Are you ready to make your fitness journey your new side hustle?

Download Paid Workout today! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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